photo 4 Mar

It’s OK, the horrible screaming means that it’s working!

photo 14 Jan

Will this bus take you somewhere when you’ve got nowhere else to go?

It sure does.  We make stops in Quittersville, Failure Town and Loserberg.

photo 3 Mar

It lets ya talk to nuts, what use is that?

Spongebob to peanut, come in, peanut.

What’s it saying?

It says, “It’s dark in here”.

photo 24 Nov

Before Sandy showed up I used to be a scrawny weakling.

And I used to be dumb.


photo 13 Nov

Spongebob, I know this one will work! I’ve invented a parallel universe.

That’s a mirror, Patrick…. it’s already been invented…

Somebody keeps stealing my ideas!

Well, I thought it was a pretty good idea.

photo 27 Oct

Let me try!

Umm… Patrick, that’s not the backscratcher, that’s my arm.

audio 15 Oct

Fridaudio. Farewell, Bikini Bottom Edition.

(Source: stripedsweater)

played 1,519 times.
photo 14 Oct

I have no idea what you are talking about.

photo 8 Jan

"That’s Mr. Doctor Professor Patrick"